Trauma Research Foundation

Team Members

Licia Sky - Co-Founder and CEO

Licia Sky is a Boston based somatic educator, writer, artist, singer-songwriter, and bodyworker who works with traumatized individuals and trains mental health professionals to use mindful meditation in movement, theater exercises, writing and voice as tools for attunement, healing and connection.

Susan Lagos— Business Manager, CFO and Treasurer

Susan has a BA in sociology and a minor in psychology from Hartwick College.  She has extensive experience in non-profit finance and human resources.  Her skills in leadership, communication, discernment and problem solving are a valuable combination for her role at TRF. 

A top item on Susan’s Bucket List is to attend the NCAA Final Four March Madness Basketball Tournament.  Two of her favorite books are Carry On: A Story of Resilience, Redemption and an Unlikely Family by Lisa Fenn;  and The Wright Brothers by David McCullough

Teresa Yung - Operations Manager

Teresa Yung is a Northern California based non-profit leader with a passion for building programs, teams, and organizations to create communities, healing, and connection.

Teresa was inspired from her own experiences in trauma and founded the non-profit The Trauma Project where she raised $20k to create community and peer level trauma programs and resources. She enjoys waking up to the Redwoods everyday and pursues various forms of healing and facilitation including yoga, meditation, music, and plant medicines. Her dream is to see legislation and systemic change that brings trauma-informed programs and education into all 50 states, schools, prisons, and organizations so that people of all needs can receive the support they need to lead a thriving life. 

Laura Walsh—Programs Manager

Laura brings her love of people, helping others and organizational abilities to her role at TRF.  With a degree in office administration, her skills and interests have been useful in various office settings from computer companies, churches, medical facilities and at home educating her sons. 

Some of her favorite things are sunshine and light, a hot cup of tea in the morning, summer, nature walks with her dog, connecting with friends, backyard bird watching, dinner with her husband and retail therapy with her mom. It’s on her bucket list to become a therapy dog team with her chocolate lab, Piper.

Pat Murray - Media Manager

Pat’s expertise includes anything video related: editing, shooting, color correcting, broadcasting. ~ Which makes him a perfect fit in his role as Media Manager.  In his free time he likes to read, garden and play board games. His favorite movie is Magnolia; favorite book is The Road;

and Quote is "Stanley Kubrick  “The most terrifying fact about the universe is not that it is hostile but that it is indifferent; but if we can come to terms with this indifference and accept the challenges of life within the boundaries of death our existence as a species can have genuine meaning and fulfillment. However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light.”

Conor McCann - Media Specialist

Conor has been working in various forms of media production for over a decade, with a strong focus on social media engagement. When not working on video projects, he spends his time playing guitar, and endlessly reconfiguring the effect pedals his guitar is hooked up to. 

Fun fact, Conor immigrated to America from Northern Ireland in the early 80's. 

Araminta Jonsson—Marketing Director

Araminta is from the UK and has an Undergraduate degree from UCL in French and Spanish and, after living in Barcelona for 5 years and Colombia for 1, is fluent in Spanish and can muster passable French when needed. She has a Masters in Creative Writing and Journalism from the Universitat de Pompeu Fabra, and began a PhD in Psychology from London’s South Bank University, however her son Rory decided to surprise her before her first year was out so she still has the PhD to conquer.  

With her love for psychology, sociology and anthropology, Araminta has always wanted to know what makes people tick. What copy will convince people to buy something? What are the colours that make people happy, etc.? Combining her life experience and academic skills has been her mission for the past 8 years and, after working as a marketing consultant in a large European mental health and addiction events company, she set up her own digital marketing company, Mint. Creative Marketing, working predominantly in the mental healthcare space. She strives to learn as much as she can about the audience she is marketing to, believing that listening to people and offering them what they really want and need in life, is the best way to ensure that the relationship between marketer and client is always a good one.

Her favorite pastimes are hiking up the Malvern Hills, adventuring with her son Rory and connecting with herself and nature.  Her most recent favorite read is A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara.

Tammy Cassidy— Business Specialist

Tammy is gifted with skills in problem-solving, attention to detail and organization.  She values getting the job done with efficiency and expediency.  Her talents shine not only in the TRF business office, but also in her personal life where she home educated her three sons and presently is the office administrator ofher family’s kitchen cabinet business.

   She helps coordinate and participates in weekly food distribution to the needy with her husband and church. She enjoys spending her weekends with family and friends, and her first choice of where to spend a summer’s day is on the beach in Chatham, MA on Cape Cod. 

Angelika Y. Sadar— Neurofeedback Coordinator

Angelika is a psychologist who has practiced neurofeedback and biofeedback for over 20 years.  She has developed and worked with numerous clinics to help them incorporate neurofeedback as a means of providing an essential tool to help clients advance towards their goals. She is the Executive Director of the Northeast Region Biofeedback Society and has served on various boards related to mental health. 

In 2015, her practice was selected by the Swiss-based company, HBImed to become the North American representative of their assessment and teaching methods.

She is devoted to helping new practitioners learn neurofeedback with teaching, mentoring, and helping connect them with the neurofeedback community at large. Angelika has worked with all ranges of clients and especially enjoys her work with children, where she believes it is important to help them connect with the world in a way that is fun and helps them develop as individuals. 

Courtney Battistelli – MAPS Study Coordinator

Courtney currently holds the role of Study Coordinator in Boston for the phase 3 clinical trial sponsored by MAPS researching MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy as a treatment for PTSD. Her education includes a Bachelors of Science in Public Health with a minor in Anthropology, a Masters of Arts in Expressive Therapies with 700 hours of clinically supervised EAT work and more than 300 hours of training as a Registered Yoga Teacher.

 She loves facilitating immersive multimodal experiences for groups and individuals, especially ones that invite playfulness and collaboration. One of her favorite quotes comes from a mountain dweller she met in the Rockies: “You’re never missing out, you’re simply being missed.”

Lisa Rines-Toth– MAPS Study Coordinator/Research Assistant

Lisa works with TRF as a Study Coordinator/Research Assistant on the MAPS-sponsored Phase 3 Clinical Trials investigating MDMA-Assisted Therapy for PTSD.  Lisa received her Master of Arts and Master of Education degrees in Psychological Counseling from Columbia University. 

She also holds a BA in English Literature from Columbia. Lisa is currently a PhD Candidate in Counseling Psychology and she has completed advanced doctoral training at Massachusetts General Hospital and McLean Hospital. Lisa’s primary research and clinical interests are in the areas of addiction, trauma, crisis intervention, contemplative practices and non-ordinary states of consciousness. 

Nicole McGhee – Development & Program Specialist

Nicole is originally from the small state of Rhode Island but currently resides in Massachusetts with her family. She has a degree in Early Childhood Education with a minor in Psychology from the University of Rhode Island. Nicole has worked in the field of education in many different settings including teaching at a charter school, directing programs for Christian organizations, and most recently in Advancement.

With TRF, Nicole will serve a dual role as a Program Specialist, and she will build and manage the Development program to support TRF’s fundraising initiatives. 

Fun facts about Nicole are that she is an amature archer, loves baking gluten free goodies for her friends and family, and is passionate about her Cape Verdean heritage. Top on her list of places to travel are the Cape Verde Island and Israel. She is also the Children’s Care Director of a start up missionary program serving orphans in Mozambique. 

Mary Frangie – Executive Assistant, Programs and Customer Support Specialist.

Mary is known for being warm, attentive, and detailed. She listens deeply and picks up on the things that aren't said. Mary's EQ and roll-up-your-sleeves style make her an asset in any setting. 

Mary is an Integral Coach®, bodyworker, and lifelong learner. She earned a BA in Psychology/Women's Studies, an MA in Critical and Creative Thinking, and is a graduate of New Ventures West, Professional Coaching Certification, providing form and focus to years of teaching and facilitating for HR, the spa industry, and non-profits. She's dedicated to personal growth, and body-based therapies, and you will find her assisting Licia Sky and Bessel van der Kolk in their private workshops.

Susan Walker – Co-Principal investigator

Susan works with the Trauma Research Foundation as the Co-Principal investigator and therapist in Phase 2 and 3 MAPS Clinical Trials investigating MDMA Assisted Therapy for PTSD.

She is a supervisor for Phase 3 Clinical Trials investigating MDMA Assisted Therapy for PTSD (MAPP2), Expanded Access, and the Clinical trial in Europe for MDMA Assisted Therapy for PTSD through MAPS.

She has a Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy private practice in Cambridge. She is Board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Susan worked for over 15 years as an attending psychiatrist at Cambridge Health Alliance and as an instructor in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Susan has an extensive background supervising medical students, residents, fellows, social work trainees, psychology interns and post-docs in the outpatient and emergency room setting.

Susan trained in Internal Family Systems therapy, completed a Mindfulness- Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Leadership Training Course, and has a long interest in therapeutic aspects of expanded states of consciousness.

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