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TRF Tuesday with the Hip Hop Consortium [Week 4]

2021-07-27 16:00:00 -
2021-07-27 16:30:00

Therapeutic Applications of Hip Hop

Welcome to this eight-week program that explores the therapeutic applications of Hip Hop as a culturally responsive, trauma-informed, and developmentally appropriate vehicle to foster engagement, regulation, and integration for complex and developmental trauma. 

These workshops will be led by a collaborative of innovators in the field who will engage participants in various expressive exercises such as lyrical analysis, beat making, rhyme writing, and rapping. This series will give a basic introduction to the various ways in which Hip Hop can be integrated into the therapeutic process. The neurophysiological implications of Hip Hop integrated approaches as they relate to understanding and addressing trauma will be explored through these experiential activities.

July 6 – Session 1: Feeling the Beat: An Introduction to Beats, Breaks, Beat Making and Hip Hop Music

July 13 – Session 2: Feeling the Beat Part II: Bringing it Home

July 20 – Session 3: Freestyle Therapy Cypher: Improvisational Growth & Healing Through The Art of Freestyle Rap

July 27 – Session 4: “Love Yourz:” Reaffirming the Self through Lyrics

August 3 – Session 5: Growth: From Surviving to Thriving through Lyrics

August 10 – Session 6: Rhythm And Poetry (RAP): Implications for Traumatic Processing

August 17 – Session 7: What Rhymes with Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?

August 24 – Session 8: The Remix: Re-Author Your Narrative Through Beats & Rhymes

Your instructors:

Elliot Gann, Psy.D., Executive Director, Today’s Future Sound

Jonah Scott, AMFT, Co-Founder/Co-Executive Director, Rhythmic Mind

Max Kline, AMFT, Co-Founder/Co-Executive Director, Rhythmic Mind

Aaron Rodwin, LMSW , PhD Student, New York University, Silver School of Social Work, Therapist at Humantold

Dr. Raphael Travis, LCSW , Associate Professor and MSW Program Director, Texas State University, San Marcos, Executive Director of FlowStory, PLLC

J.C. Hall, LMSW, School Social Worker/ Hip Hop Therapy Studio Program Director at Mott Haven Community High School


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