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TRF Tuesday with Licia Sky [Week 1]

2021-12-07 16:00:00 -
2021-12-07 16:30:00

What better way to end 2021 than to spend time in the practice of being present in the moment?  Licia Sky and Bessel van der Kolk join us for this special December series.

Licia will guide participants through:

  • Importance of repetition in slow motion
  • Following the sense signals of our nervous system
  • Expanding and tracking our attention
  • Noticing the sensations of proprioception
  • Noticing the sensations of interoception.
  • Allowing imagination to be part of our awareness experience.
  • The spectrum of safety in our nervous system and how it relates to our capacity for creativity and agency in the world inside us and around us

Weeks 1-2:  

Being present in the moment together with Licia

Week 3:

Breathing with Bessel followed by a Q&A

Meet Your Instructors:

Bessel van der Kolk and Licia Sky are the co-founders of The Trauma Research Foundation. 


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