Tijana Coso || Radical Resilience with Tapping (COLLECTION)


Radical Resilience with Tapping: a simple body-grounding and stress release technique

When we suppress awareness of our negative and unexpressed emotions, they are still active and alive inside us. They can give us the physical signals and sensations of nervousness, restlessness, pain, heartache, and gut-wrench, wreaking havoc as they unfold. Through Acupuncture Meridian Tapping you can safely become aware of them, let them in, and learn to let them go and experience a wave of calm. Emotional Freedom technique/EFT, also called Tapping, is a simple and effective self-regulation and anxiety release tool that is available at your fingertips – literally. Tijana Coso regularly teaches EFT to mental health professionals, teachers and other caring professionals. Through her expertise, she created a simplified version for everyone to use – even children.

Join us to learn the benefits of Tapping with Tijana. It is highly effective, universal, easy to learn, can be done with others or alone, and is free and easy to practice at any-time!

Week 1: Learn Functional EFT basics and lower current stressors

Week 2: Learn Functional EFT basics and address future stressors

Week 3: Learn Functional EFT basics and past stressors

Week 4: Learn Functional EFT basics and stop the ruminations

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