Kelly Vogel-Sound Passage: Use Your Voice to Find Your Voice!

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A TRF Tuesday Event

Overview of the Program

Using our voice can release tension and bring calm. Gentle sounds such as humming, sighing, and a variety of others can increase breath control, slow the heart rate, reduce anxiety, and block the release of stress hormones. Combining those sounds with soft, intentional movements allows the body and mind to unite for clarity and focus.

The sounds and movements made in Sound Passage workshops activate the vagus nerve to settle the nervous system, creating a peaceful, calming effect. The vagus nerve, also called the “soul” or “compassion” nerve, activates the body’s social engagement system, turning off the stress system and helping us feel safe in our bodies.

Using the voice in these ways helps you find your agency to share more of yourself with the world.

Sept 5 – Sound Relief for the Face, Neck, and “Tension Triangle.”

Sept 12 – Playing with Sound and Movement

Sept 19 – The Ups and Downs of Sound

Sept 26 – Safe Sound Release

Meet Our Presenter

Kelly Vogel is a singer, songwriter, and pianist who created Sound Passage, a practice that uses the voice as a vehicle for embodied self-exploration and growth. Kelly is a faculty member at Smith College and has been a higher ed educator for over 20 years with a Master’s Degree in Literature. She is pursuing a Doctorate in Education, exploring how trauma-informed pedagogy in higher ed can integrate vocal practices for greater effectiveness and equity. Kelly lives in Easthampton, MA, with her husband, daughter, and dog and is frequently found humming and singing in the woods near her home.


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