The Politics of Trauma: Somatics, Healing, and Social Justice

by Staci K. Haines

The Trauma Research Foundation invites you to Book Club, a program where we come together as a community to connect, discuss, and share.

Meetings are on Thursdays, 4-5:30 pm ET for 4 weeks, starting on November 3, 2022.

(No meeting Thanksgiving week)

The final week will be a live Q&A discussion with author Staci K. Haines on December 1, 2022.

Registration is free and open to everyone. TRF will host a discussion panel of up to 12 selected Book Club Members each week. The meetings will be broadcast live on the TRF YouTube Channel and FacebookLive. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with each other and the panel via the live chat.


The Book Club will meet to discuss The Politics of Trauma: Somatics, Healing, and Social Justice by Staci K. Haines on the following weeks. Recordings will be available.  

Meet your discussion group leaders

Fredrick Alexander Mann, MA, EDM

For over twenty years, Fredrick has worked with diverse populations and professions directly and indirectly as a teacher, administrator, consultant, and researcher. At the Center, he will use his varied professional and life experiences in his role as an assessment coach.

Before joining the Center, Fredrick worked as a clinical referral coordinator and trainer at the Child Trauma Training Center in the Department of Psychiatry at UMass Chan Medical School. Fredrick’s primary role and responsibilities were to provide information, assistance, and referral support and coordination for families, clinicians, educators, and other professionals throughout the state of Massachusetts.  Also, Fredrick trained and facilitated workshops and professional development sessions for community members, clinicians, educators, and social service partners in how to understand trauma, identify trauma triggers and responses, and effectively support and aid children who have experienced trauma.

Fredrick has also held roles as an outpatient clinician and school liaison for a community mental health agency and Family Resource Center (networked and statewide community support center). He worked directly with families and children impacted by impaired caregivers due to drug addictions, mental illness, incarceration, immigration barriers, and violence. Fredrick facilitated group, individual, couple, sibling, and family therapy sessions based on clinical needs. Also, he led parent trainings and father support groups, specialized workshops for special needs and disabled children, and designed and implemented short-term therapy and coaching support sessions for court-involved youth.

Fredrick received a master’s degree of education in counseling psychology from Columbia University Teachers College, and a master’s in curriculum instruction from the University of Mississippi. He earned his bachelor’s degree in American studies from Grinnell College

Teresa Yung

Teresa Yung is a Northern California based non-profit leader with a passion for building programs, teams, and organizations to create communities, healing, and connection. 
Teresa was inspired from her own experiences in trauma and founded the non-profit The Trauma Project where she raised $20k to create community and peer level trauma programs and resources. She enjoys waking up to the Redwoods everyday and pursues various forms of healing and facilitation including yoga, meditation, music, and plant medicines. Her dream is to see legislation and systemic change that brings trauma-informed programs and education into all 50 states, schools, prisons, and organizations so that people of all needs can receive the support they need to lead a thriving life. 

Become a Panelist


Book Club Members are invited to be a panelist and play an active role by asking questions and sharing reflections.

There are no requirements to be a panelist in The Book Club. We will be selecting a diverse array of participants, all are welcome to apply. 

Receive a complimentary study guide

Registration is OPEN

With every registration you will also receive a companion study guide for The Politics of Trauma, recommended to be used alongside the TRF Book Club. 

This guide provides summarized chapters, salient points, and discussion questions. 

The Study Guide will be made available in 3 parts corresponding to each Book Club session.

Registration is free and open to everyone!  

The meetings will be broadcast live on the TRF YouTube Channel. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with each other and the panel via the live chat.

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