TRF Tuesday is a community event every Tuesday, 4-4:30 pm ET. Registration is free and open to everyone!

Weekly Somatic Practice From Bright Voices in Breathwork, Play, Movement, and More.

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Every Tuesday, facilitators from diverse domains lead us in experiential practice. Each facilitator presents a series of 1 to 5 weekly sessions allowing us to build and integrate over time. Through their guidance, we discover greater personal expression and feel more grounded and connected to ourselves. No prior experience is necessary. Come as you are!

Virtual sessions are on Tuesdays, 4-4:30 pm ET . Registration is free and open to everyone.

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Embodied Hope

With Staci K. Haines

When we become more present and embodied, we feel more. We sense more of ourselves, the environment, and the world. This can allow us to discover more deeply what we are made for, what we long for, and what questions we are in. When we become more embodied, we may also feel more of the pain and struggle of the world. In transformational work, we say this is “good news.” Not the pain, but the opportunity to feel, to empathize, and to tend to what needs tending.  

In these 4 embodied practice sessions, we’ll explore embodied hope. We’ll discover how to open to a wider range of sensing and feeling, how to notice and cultivate hope, and how to cultivate practices that allow for complexity.

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Meditating with Michael

With Michael Lee

Michael will guide four distinct theme focused meditation experiences over four weeks  Each session will build upon the previous one but feel free to drop into one or more.  If you are new to meditation this is a great opportunity to make an easy to follow guided start.  If  you are experienced, you will be able to use the facilitated focus to become more aware and experience valuable life enhancing insight.

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With Marshall Davis Jones

Breathe with Bessel

With Bessel van der Kolk

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TRF Tuesday is a community event every Tuesday, 4-4:30 pm ET. Registration is free and open to everyone. 

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