Christine Heim MD

Prof. Heim uses a multidisciplinary psychobiological approach to study the neurobiological consequences of childhood trauma and their relationship to depression, anxiety, and functional somatic disorders. Her results were among the first evidence in humans to suggest that early life trauma is associated with lifelong neurobiological “scars” that increase the risk for developing a range of disorders in adulthood. Prof. Heim has authored more than 100 articles, letters, and chapters. Her articles are published in prestigious scientific journals.

The broad impact of her work is acknowledged in more than 9000 citations and an H-index of 40. She is the recipient of more than 10 honors and awards, including the Chaim Danieli Young Professional Award for outstanding contributions to traumatic stress studies and the prestigious Curt P. Richter Award for outstanding contributions to psychoneuroendocrinology.

She is also the recipient of an NIMH Career Development Award. In 2008 Prof. Heim was elected into the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology. She serves on multiple international review committees regarding the evaluation of work on early-life trauma.

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