Lou Bergholz

Lou brings to his consulting a rare blend of research, design and delivery expertise. As Managing Partner at Edgework, Lou is responsible for the leadership of Edgework’s “Knowledge Lab”​- a unique in-house research and design entity that fuels Edgework’s publications, social media, content creation and workshop development. Lou brings over 20 years of experience to his facilitation and has helped craft Edgework’s intense focus on putting the client at the center of any engagement and building outcomes- focused learning and team development experiences for groups.

A dynamic and playful speaker, Lou is known to blend hard-hitting and practical knowledge and tools with inspiring and interactive delivery. His client experience spans for-profit and not-for-profit sectors and includes project work in over 15 countries and regions, from the United States to Ethiopia and the Middle East.

Since founding Edgework in 2001, Lou has passionately driven the company towards a place in the management, leadership and organizational development space with a reputation for doing work that consistently delivers at a standard that can only be defined as excellent.


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