Philip E. Wolfson MD

Brandeis University, BA 1964

New York University School of Medicine, MD 1968

Licensed to practice medicine in California and Washington, DC

Began practicing psychotherapy in 1966 and psychiatry in 1972

Extensive post-graduate training in family systems theory and practice, group psychotherapy, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, CBT. Extensive experience in Forensic psychiatry-as psychiatric consultant and expert witness in complex cases where psychiatric expertise is necessary; workers comp including AME; sodium amytal interviewing

Directed an alternative hospital for psychiatric care in the public sector with focus on family support, process work and alternatives to medication — Laingian in orientation and non-pathologizing.

Founding member of SEN, the Spiritual Emergency Network

Taught in three Bay Area graduate schools in psychology, formerly Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCSF

Practiced MDMA (Ecstasy) psychotherapy in legal period and published on its use in psychotherapy. Founding Member of Heffter Research Institute.

Principle Investigator—MAPS sponsored MDMA and Life Threatening Illness Study

Writer—Numerous articles on Buddhism, Psychedelics, Spirituality, Progressive Politics, Violence—see Published Articles

Page for manuscripts

I have been a Vajrayana Buddhist practitioner and am involved in the development of Secular Buddhism.

Ran an R&D nutraceutical company Phytos and wrote and had issued 5 patents in herbal medicine. Extensive experience in complementary medicine.

Founder and Director of Energy Focus, Inc (EFOI) the largest developer and manufacturer of fiber optic lighting and a main force company in developing energy efficient green lighting solutions.

I practice Extreme Gardening and design and make furniture and other objects from wood and stone, such as the Torii pictured below.

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