34th Annual Boston International Trauma Conference Poster Session Participants

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The goal of the Poster Session is to promote an exchange between researchers and clinicians and help people who feel intimidated by jumping into research see how much fun they can have. Our field grows and thrives when we make space for more voices and knowledge. The crowd is lively, the conversation is warm, and this is a great chance to practice sharing what you know.

Thank you to each of our Poster Session Presenters and their incredible work!

  • Peter MayfieldOut of the Clinic and Into the Woods: The efficacy of nature-based therapeutic mentoring for Latinx and Under-resourced Youth Suffering From Complex Trauma 
  • Ramnik DhingraDevelopment of an LGBTQ Identity Under Attack: Healing Centered Approach
  • Dr. Mays Imad (with students: Sophie Barr & Jack Howell)Investigating the Impact of Biofeedback and Self-Compassion Trainings on Anxiety Among College Students
  • Hsin-Chun WuIntegration of the Therapeutic Power of Play into Adult Complex Trauma Treatment
  • Cloe J. AignerLove or Fear? The Please/Appease Survival Response: Interrupting the Cycle of Trauma
  • Ceclin Kirsty Begbie Journeys of Recovery From Sexual Assault Trauma: Exploring the Perceived Lived Experiences Which Aided and Hindered the Recovery of Rape Survivors in South Africa
  • Zeynep GuneyScholar-activism, political oppression, and mental health: Academics for Peace
  • Pamela SeguraACEs, Emotion Regulation, and Suicide Behaviors among Ethnoracially Minoritized Youth
  • Ellen Yates and Anna SanfordExpanding the Scope of Vicarious Trauma: Dissociation & Self-Dehumanization as Predictors Across Trauma-Exposed Career Fields
  • Stephen KirschSay My Name, Say My Pain
  • Dr. Edward Mooney Jr.The Trauma Cascade in Education
  • Michelle JeffersThe DE-CRUIT Program: Treating Veterans’ Trauma Through Shakespeare
  • Alana LeeSTARS (Sexually Traumatized Adolescents Recovery from Substances) Program
  • Hunter CrespoParents’ Unresolved Abuse and Their Children’s PTSD Status 
  • Chloe GehlThe Effects of Post-Incarceration Syndrome (PICS) on Incarcerated Individuals
  • Dr. David G BullardLimitations of Evidence-Based Psychotherapies for PTSD and A New Clinical Paradigm
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