Bridget McCarthy-Burnout Prevention: Somatic Practice for Tired Healers

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A TRF Tuesday Event

Overview of the Program

Join us for a transformative program designed for healers and caregivers seeking to enhance their well-being and resilience. Led by the experienced facilitator, Bridget McCarthy, participants will explore the powerful connection between care culture and somatic practices to combat burnout effectively, especially for those for whom care is central to their professional or personal identity.

Throughout the five sessions, starting with “Finding Your Rumble Strips” on Oct 3, participants will learn to recognize their limits and establish healthy boundaries to prevent exhaustion. “Building Glimmers” on Oct 10 will focus on cultivating moments of joy and inspiration to fuel their healing journey. “Shame and Care” on Oct 17 will address the emotional challenges often accompanying caregiving roles and provide tools to manage them effectively.

“Caretaking and Caregiving: a Somatic Guide” on Oct 24 will delve into somatic practices tailored specifically to caregivers, empowering them to prioritize self-care while attending to others’ needs. Finally, “Care of the Wounded Healer” on Oct 31 will explore techniques to heal and rejuvenate as caregivers, recognizing that they, too, need support.

With her background as a mental health coordinator in the performing arts industry, Bridget McCarthy will bring a unique perspective and valuable insights to guide participants in integrating humor, compassion, and courage into their healing journeys. Join this program to rediscover your creative, authentic self while developing the necessary tools to prevent burnout and thrive as a resilient healer.

Series Session Titles:  

Oct 3 – Finding Your Rumble Strips 

Oct 10 – Building Glimmers

Oct 17 – Shame and Care

Oct 24 – Caretaking and Caregiving: a Somatic Guide

Oct 31 – Care of the Wounded Healer

Meet Our Presenter

Bridget McCarthy (she/they) is a creative multi-hyphenate at the intersection of mental health and the performing arts. Her primary role is mental health coordinator for theatre, TV, and film, working alongside organizations and producers of all sizes to bring trauma-aware, resilience-focused tools into their most challenging conversations.  Proud to call Atlanta home, Bridget is committed to supporting humans worldwide to engage with their most creative, authentic selves with humor, compassion, and courage. 


Social Media: @bridgetmccarthyishere, @mentalhealthcoordinators

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