Edy Nathan – Sexual Grief: Bring the mind and body into sync with hostage negotiation techniques

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A TRF Tuesday Event

Sexual GriefTM: Bring the mind and body into sync with hostage negotiation techniques. 

Overview of the Program:

Sexual Grief is a response to sexually traumatic events which can occur over the span of one’s life. Sexual Grief can include abuse of any kind, ridicule after an initial sexual experience, being unwanted at birth, and menopause or erectile dysfunction. A kinship is formed between the traumatic event and the grief which imprisons the mind, the body, and the psyche. The bond causes a sense of imprisonment when unwanted pop-up memories occur at the worst times, and leave you feeling as if your mind and body are out of sync. Bring your mind and body back into sync. Now is the time to learn six interactive, experiential hostage negotiation techniques to help you learn to listen and to shift how your mind, your body, and your emotions live within you. You will challenge their presence with core exercises using guided imagery, breath work, body engagement, and eye movement. Take each exercise with you wherever you go, and you will feel empowered and in sync.

Session 1 – The Curious Listener, The Rainstorm and The Cave 

Session 2 – The Question to the Hostage Taker- Empathy in the Body

Session 3 – Breaking the Bond: Create a new bond of trust

Session 4 – Engage with the Cognitive Interrupters: The S.T.O.P. Method

Session 5 – Mind and Body Dancing in Sync: Identify and name your warning label

Our Facilitator

Edy Nathan is a thought leader and Certified Sex Therapist Specializing in Trauma and Grief. She works with businesses, universities, and long-term care homes to help people understand how these areas filter through their lives and affect everything from creativity to productivity. Working together, she offers creative ways to deal with grief, trauma, and sexuality.

“The cave awaits and it’s dark, it hurts, it’s a place no one chooses. I have a love – hate relationship with the cave. That dark place is a place that moves you from stuck to metamorphosis.  Knowing it is one thing, believing it will change, and open up new worlds is hard to imagine. This is what the work of sexual grief, loss and trauma is all about. I offer a new way to think about tangling with what feels like a potent adversary. Yes, New York University for a masters, and Fordham University for another master’s and University of Michigan for a sex therapist certification, make the conversations around what we’d rather not talk about, grounded, and powerfully life changing. It’s time. To Dare to Live.”

To learn more about Edy, click the links below:


https://twitter.com/edynathan1  https://www.linkedin.com/in/edy-nathan/  https://www.instagram.com/edynathan/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXZqna_h82vXcfkVsK07owA https://www.facebook.com/EdyNathanPsychotherapy 



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