Gang Capati – Pop Goes the World: A Lighter Look at Mental Health through Popular Media (Collection)

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A TRF Tuesday Event

Pop Goes the World!

Overview of the Program:

This fun, engaging series takes a unique look at mental health issues, such as childhood trauma, family systems, and romantic attachment, through the lens of popular culture. To explore interpersonal and intrapersonal dynamics, we’ll look at films you know, such as The Godfather, Gone Girl, The Tinder Swindler, Disney, and the Batman franchise. Next, we’ll discuss a recent, highly publicized legal trial between two Holywood stars. Finally, we’ll become more mental-health literate, particularly in light of the phenomenon of extreme attachment to social media and news scrolling. 

Join Gang Capati, a trauma therapist and trained media literacy instructor with a background in media, documentary filmmaking, and publishing, for this light-hearted, interactive series to learn how to spot mental health learning in pop culture. 

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6


Six Sessions:

1. Aug 16, 2022 – Origin Stories: A peek at childhood trauma portrayed by Disney and popular films.

2. Aug 23 – Romantic Errors: Discussing romantic disasters featuring The Tinder Swindler, Sleeping with the Enemy, and Gone Girl, along with a summary of the Amber Heard/Johnny Depp story

3. Aug 30, 2022 – Career Decisions that Burst into Flames: Discussing Theranos, the Fyre Festival fiasco, and Inventing Anna 

4. Sep 6, 2022 – Family Mansions and Mayhem (PART 1): Exploring Family Systems using The Godfather Series, the Superman series, and the Batman stories

5. Sep 13, 2022 – Family Mysteries (PART 2): How to Live with the Family Cards we are Dealt 

6. Sep 26, 2022 – Is Healing Possible: How to have mental steadiness and trauma recovery in a world that deals us inevitable difficulties. A summary of POP GOES THE WORLD 

Meet your instructor:

Gang Badoy Capati is a Filipina Art History major who started as a newsroom intern, then newsdesk editor in Indiana. Then moved on to featured segments for The Filipino Channel in the San Francisco Bay Area. After studying Media Education, she returned to the Philippines. There she worked as a DJ on Manila’s top rock station NU. 107 FM and hosted a talk show called The Brew. In addition, she founded the non-profit ROCK ED PHILIPPINES and worked as an art therapist in a Maximum Security Prison. 


When asked how she even started being an art therapist in prison, she says it was because the country’s Supreme Court commissioned her to direct a documentary on the congestion of prisons to present to the UN Human Rights Commission. She spent a year visiting prisons all over the Philippines with her film colleagues and team and “never left.” 


Now a trained trauma therapist and an ally of TRF, Gang Capati is the Lead Therapist and Founder of Project: Steady Asia. To battle depression that started when her Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Gang decided to try to understand the universe that is Trauma Research and trauma-informed art therapy by studying it intensely. Mental Health is still a relatively unaccepted approach to wellness in the Philippines, a country where religion is the foremost space for ‘help’ in such matters. Gang has made it her quest to make Mental Health learning more accessible, especially to those still uncomfortable with it. 

She created this course to give us a new lens through which to see the content we scroll through daily.

To learn more about Gang visit:

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