Let’s Move with Josefin Wikstrom (COLLECTION)


Week 1: Release & Attune
Joint freeing sequences to release muscular tension and freeze response patterns with rhythmical movements together with music, synchronizing and attuning, releasing stress, increasing resilience.

Week 2: “Both feet firmly on the ground”
Grounding practices from therapeutic yoga and movement to follow the natural responses from a nervous system on “high alert” to engage large muscle groups, release the “fight/ flight” response, connecting the body and the breath with the stability of the earth.

Week 3: Space and boundaries
Proprioceptive awareness with yoga and dance movements to explore the possibilities of creating space and boundaries around and within the body.

Week 4: Balance
Yoga and breath/movement practices to increase the mental, emotional and physical balance

Week 5: “Shake things off”- The Bollywood keeps the score
A dance class with higher pulse and large movements from Indian Bollywood style dancing, combined with “pulling the break” calming practices to calm the heartbeat in- between the songs to increase the resilience in the autonomic nervous system.

Week 6: “Take a deep breath”
Movement and postures to release areas of muscular tension that can restrict the area around the ribcage and practices to slow down and deepen the breath to strengthen the “rest and restore”, parasympathetic nervous system.

Week 7: “Freeing the prisoner inside”
Creative movement practices with an interoceptive awareness to explore how our body posture and our emotional and mental states are closely connected. An experiential exploration into the possibilities how individually adapted movements can contribute to a sense of release, empowerment and freedom.

Week 8: “Return to center”
A mindfulness based guided relaxation to connect with the centre of our being, with a shorter movement sequence to release stress and physical tension before the relaxation.

View past recordings of Josefin’s 8 week program that combines movement sequences and therapeutic yoga.

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