Marshall Davis Jones – MindBodySpeak


A TRF Tuesday Event


Overview of the Program:

Step by step, we rebuild verbal behavior by reinforcing new habits. Each week we are invited to discover how the entire body contributes to the way you communicate.

Steps to prepare you for our work together:

1st – procure a speech, a poem, or song lyrics. We will use that to practice the MBS exercises.

2nd – Record the text below in your phone’s recording app. For the remainder of our time together, record this once a day.

  • “My voice has the power to calm my emotions, control my environment, and command a space.
  • If my voice is weak, unsure, or uncertain I will not have this ability.
  • If my voice is under my control, then this ability is mine to use as I see fit.”

3rd – Questions to consider: Answer these in a note app on your phone. The answers to these questions are personal and do not need to be shared.

    • As a child, how did your parents or guardians speak to you?
    • How did your parents or guardians respond when you spoke?

NiCole T. Buchanan, PhD

NiCole T. Buchanan, PhD

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