Equipment Practicum

Put Your Skills to Work!

This 6 hour course is the next step in your journey to becoming a trauma-informed Neurofeedback provider.

After you have completed the Trauma-Informed BCIA Neurofeedback Course, you will want to participate in the Equipment Practicum so you have the opportunity to apply what you have learned throughout your training. TRF is pleased to offer the practicum through our ongoing collaboration with Sadar Psychological. In order to participate in this training, you must have equipment to work with! 


TRF has been working with BEE Medic to secure equipment through a loaner program at no cost to you for 6 weeks during the practicum! Once you have made the choice to take the practicum, you will need to complete this FORM and submit it to BEE Medic. When they have received your information, it will take approximately one week for the equipment to be shipped to you. 

The following items will not be provided by BEE Medic, but will be needed. 

> Monitor or TV that has HDMI capabilities (1080p)

> Computer Speakers (recommended but not required)

> Mouse & Mouse pad (recommended but not required)

> Rubbing Alcohol

> Cotton Balls


After you have received your loaner equipment, you will need to schedule a meeting with the technical team at Bee Medic to ensure that you have the system installed correctly. They will provide as much assistance as you need! This meeting will need to happen before the practicum starts. 

At the conclusion of the course, you will have several options available to you for purchasing the equipment.


Option 1: Purchase in full 

  • See BEE Lab EEG-ERP Order Form (attached)

Option 2: Subscription Program

  • Lease option with the ability to convert to purchase
  • Option to return equipment after the first month
  • See BEE Lab Subscription Program Agreement & BEE Lab Subscription Program Order Form (attached)
  • Requires Credit Card Authorization Form

Option 3: Finance

  • Financing is offered in-house through BEE Medic
  • No interest for six months with 19% interest charged on the balance
  • Financing available for 12 or 24 months
  • No option to return equipment
  • See BEE Lab EEG-ERP Order Form (attached)
  • Requires Credit Card Authorization Form

Option 4: If you choose not to continue using BeeMedic equipment, you may return it



Since your equipment for the 3 session/6 week practicum will be offered on loan at no charge to you, we invite you to sign up for the Equipment Practicum. This course is priced at $350. In order to participate in the Practicum, at a minimum, you must have completed Section 8: Treatment Protocol in the BCIA course before the program begins.


This Practicum will meet according to the following schedule:


Session 1

TBD (2 hours)

Session 2

TBD (2 hours)

Session 3

TBD (2 hours)


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