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Neurofeedback is a research-supported treatment to manage arousal, sharpen attention, relieve anxiety, and improve learning …without medication. Welcome to TRF’s Neurofeedback Resource Center where you can learn more about this important treatment modality.

VISION: Trauma Research Foundation envisions Neurofeedback training being widely accessible regardless of socioeconomic background or location. Our goal is to develop a network of trauma-informed NF clinicians that can provide this important treatment modality to all individuals seeking mental and emotional well-being.

The Journey

Trauma-Informed Neurofeedback Training Process


Who qualifies for the BCIA Neurofeedback certification course? 

  • BCIA-approved health care fields include: psychology, nursing, (including 2-year registered nurses with license; not LVNs or LPNs), physical therapy, occupational therapy, social work, counseling, marriage family therapy, rehabilitation, chiropractic, recreational therapy, physician’s assistant (with certification or license), exercise physiology, speech pathology, and sports medicine.
  • The following fields require a master’s degree: music therapy and counseling education (M.Ed. in counseling).
  • Appropriately credentialed doctors of medicine are also accepted.
  • Degrees in health care fields other than those listed above must be submitted to the Certification Review Committee.
  • BCIA will consider requests for special review for the demonstration of equivalency for most of our requirements, including prerequisite education. However, degree review requests must be compared to a BCIA-approved clinical health care field.
  • Only the highest degree earned in a BCIA approved health care field from a regionally accredited academic institution will be listed on the Find a Practitioner area of this website.

How much does it cost?   Approximately $10,000, including equipment costs

Breakdown: (BCIA Course and Practicum: $1600, Equipment $7500 (base price), Mentoring: TBD)

What are the steps I need to take to become a trauma-informed Neurofeedback provider? 

  1. Complete the Trauma-Informed Neurofeedback BCIA course
  2. Secure neurofeedback equipment 
  3. Take TRF Equipment Practicum
  4. Participate in TRF Mentoring

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Next Session of Trauma-Informed Neurofeedback BCIA Course Begins September 13, 2021

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