Welcome to the TRF Book Club

The Trauma Research Foundation invites you to Book Club, a free event open to all members of the TRF community, aims to provide a space to connect, discuss, and share the work of leading experts in the field of trauma. We seek to amplify the voices of both new and established authors and expand our organization’s reach to all members of the public interested in trauma and healing.

Registration is free and open to everyone. TRF will host a discussion panel of up to 12 selected Book Club Members each week. The meetings will be broadcast live on the TRF YouTube Channel and FacebookLive. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with each other and the panel via the live chat.

Session 1: The Body Keeps the Score
Session 2: Becoming Ms. Burton
Session 3: Let Your Light Shine
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Session 4: To Be Announced

Session 1 Schedule: The Body Keeps the Score

The first session of the Book Club will meet to discuss The Body Keeps the Score on the following weeks.
Register once to attend as many of these sessions as you are able. Recordings will be available for any missed weeks. 

Meet Your Discussion Leaders


Achara Tarfa

Achara Tarfa is a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach-Supervisory Level with the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaches. She is a board member of PATH, a program to recover from addiction and its underlying trauma utilizing an IFS-informed approach. 

As a trauma survivor herself, Achara founded Compassionate Coaching for Complex Trauma to support other survivors and serves as a two term elected district supervisor where she brings a Self-led trauma-informed voice to local policy. She enjoys spending time eating the food of her mother’s country Thailand and is always up for an adventure.

Ronnie Eng

Ronnie Eng is an EMDR clinician, expressive arts/play educator, and Biblical supervisor with; a group facilitator certified by the Trauma Healing Institute; and the President-Elect of the American Counseling Association in NY.  Domestically, he is a community advocate on the board of a 501(c)(3) non-profit—where his mission is to empower marginalized children against intergenerational and racial trauma, as well as internalized oppression and vicarious trauma.  Internationally, he has lived on three continents and is often invited to speak on the bio-psycho-social impact of spiritual health, and vice versa, by local leadership.  

Currently, Ronnie is writing a PhD dissertation on purpose-filled worldviews and other post-traumatic growth factors that strengthen resiliency and hardiness for military families and international workers with third culture kids (TCK) in dangerous environments.

Become a Panelist


Book Club Members are invited to be a panelist and play an active role by asking questions and sharing reflections.

There are no requirements to be a panelist in The Book Club. Each week we will be selecting a diverse array of participants, all are welcome to apply. 

Thank you to everyone who has already applied to be a Panelist!

Applications are currently OPEN for the Week 4 Episode on March 16th.


The application will reopen after each session.
Attend our Book Club discussion live to receive the link to apply to become a Panelist for the following week. 

Receive a Complimentary Study Guide

Registration is OPEN!

Registration includes a complimentary companion study guide for
The Body Keeps the Score, recommended to be used alongside the TRF Book Club. This guide provides summarized chapters, salient points, and discussion questions. 

Register to gain access to this comprehensive study guide!

Registration is free and open to everyone!  

The meetings will be broadcast live on the TRF YouTube Channel. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with each other and the panel via the live chat.