Trauma Research Foundation Social Justice Summit

Mission Statement

The Social Justice Summit’s purpose is as follows:

-To address trauma as a social, political and collective issue, not just an individual experience.

-To showcase and address the social contexts for and in which trauma happens — Inequality, poverty, racism, homophobia, sexism, war.

-To address trauma as a social and collective experience.

-To address the limited accessibility of mental health services and treatment for the most traumatized populations.

-To showcase and present new models of services that provide mental health support and treatment for underserved, underrepresented people in need of care.

-To raise funds for scholarships and provide collaborative opportunities and access to all other Trauma Research Foundation programming.

Save the Date for next year’s Social Justice Summit in January 2022! 

2021 Social Justice Summit Presenters:

TRF’s first Social Justice Summit in January 2021 presented programs from Kenya, Zimbabwe, Jordan/Syria, Rwanda, China, and the United States. Using narrative and embodied modalities, we highlighted the work being done to help individuals and communities who have experienced overwhelming traumatizing experiences.

People from 37 different countries around the world joined us to listen and share their experiences. Our presenters discussed different ways we can heal from trauma and break down the barriers of social injustice.

Trauma Research Foundation was honored to welcome many important voices in the realm of social justice for our 2021 summit. Our presenters represented organizations from all over the world.

  • Susan Wyatt, Eugenia Mpande & Tree of Life

  • Meagan Corrado of Healing Storiez

  • Pat Ogden & Raymond Rodriguez of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute

  • Barbara Love

  • Melissa Nussbaum & Red Sage Story members

  • Hailan Guo & Joy Huang of Hailan Family Well-Being

  • Ilya Yacevich, Anita Shankar & Global Trauma Project

  • Michael Niconchuk, Vivian Khedari & Beyond Conflict

  • Stephan Wolfert & Dawn Stern of DECRUIT

  • Matthew Sanford of Mind Body Solutions

  • Deran Young of Black Therapists Rock & Dick Schwartz of IFS Institute

We hope you can join us for TRF's 2022 Social Justice Summit in January!

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