Karden Rabin: Transforming Triggers: A Top Down & Bottom Up Approach


A TRF Tuesday Event

Overview of the Program

Practically speaking, the way we experience the impact of trauma, attachment injuries, and stress in our lives is through triggers. Whether that be how we feel when we visit our parents, receive an urgent email from our boss, or pass by the site of a traumatizing incident – it’s in the midst of these moments that our past disrupts our present.

If we want to have an impact on these triggers instead of them having an impact on us, it’s essential that we learn practices that allow us to approach triggers in a safe way where they do not overwhelm us and we have the capacity, space, and time to transform them. 

The purpose of this series is to introduce you to a self-directed framework on how to cultivate agency over triggers that previously were beyond your control using a combination of cognitive (top down) and somatic (bottom up) approaches. 

We will cover:

  • Connecting with your True Self, the aspect of your consciousness that has the ability to both observe and co-regulate your embodied experience
  • How to access positive nervous system states
  • How to harness positive nervous system states to safely approach challenging nervous system states
  • How to prepare our brain and body for successfully encountering and regulating triggers


Session 1: Somatic Awareness & Cultivating True Self

June 6: Resourcing Positive States 

June 13: State Shifting with Pendulation 

June 20: Future Selfing

June 27: Anchoring 

Meet Our Presenter

Karden Rabin is a Nervous System Medicine Practitioner, an expert in the field of psychophysiologic disorders, and co-founder of Chronic Fatigue School. Over the last 15 years, he has combined principles of bodywork, brain retraining, and somatic trauma therapies to help thousands of clients all over the world heal from chronic pain and illness. He is a regular contributor to the Trauma Research Foundation Blog and has led programming for The Wounded Warrior Project, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, and Starbucks. 


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