Breathing with Orisha (Collection)

Oludare closeup

Breathing With Orisha 

Breathing With Orisha introduces the use of Orisha dance, song, and prayer as a tool for deep breathing, meditation, and spiritual clarity
Week 1:   Emi & Eemi: The life force and Breath

Week 2:   Ori: Living with consciousness

Meet Your Instructor:
Baba OluDaré Bernard is  a master Apon, percussionist, dancer, and teacher. He is initiated to Anya, a sacred society of religious drummers. OluDaré is a highly sought after teacher and performer having honed his skills in NY and Cuba. He is the founder of Kiire Wellness a Lukumi, Orisha, Spiritual, Breathing, Music, Dance, philosophy dedicated to the healing of African descendants in the diaspora.  He has recently published his first Book : Breathing with Orisha

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