Connecting at the TRF Team Retreat

In the NYTimes this morning, I read a couple of articles about people who’d been working online for their jobs for the duration of the pandemic, and who’d never met their colleagues in person. It relayed the ever-dwindling sense of connection to their workmates and to the meaningfulness of their work. And about the importance of chance in-person encounters that foster creative collaboration within the workspace.

These articles really resonated with me because connection has been our commitment and theme for the year 2021 at TRF. And also, because the TRF team is comprised of people who live in different states and countries. We just had our first in-person retreat to meet each other after working virtually for the past year without ever having met in person!

What a powerful experience it was to meet people in the flesh that we’d only known in their respective squares on our screens. Looking slightly different in 3 dimensions, smiles, heights, senses of humor, and in the same space, at the same time, all vaccinated and negative covid-tested, was exhilarating, slightly mind blowing, and completely fabulous!

We had a packed agenda from morning to evening, where we discussed all aspects of running our organization. Bessel and I presented the foundational ideas behind Our Mission. The Programming, Operations, Communications, Marketing, and Finance teams presented and brainstormed about how to optimize and improve what we’re doing. The talents, quirks, zeitgeist, and creative energies of our group blossomed with each meal and meeting we had. We are so fortunate to have the dedicated, smart, generous, caring people who hold our mission as their work. We are still organizing our ideas, notes, visions, and plans for the coming year. Please look for more detailed reports in coming newsletters. In the meantime, please enjoy some pics of highlights from the first TRF Team Retreat!

In love and gratitude to our team and our greater community,

Licia Sky

Trauma Research Foundation CEO

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