Exploring Embodiment Awareness to Release Repressed Trauma with Guest Licia Sky

TRF CEO, Licia Sky, was recently interviewed by Dr. Carly Hudson on the Healing Ground Movement podcast. In the interview, she shares “We often learn how to be very small in order for us to be safe. One of the biggest ways we learn how to be small is with our voices.” We would love it if you’d share this interview with your community!

“This week, Dr. Carly talks to Licia Sky, BFA, LMT. Licia is a Boston-based artist, singer-songwriter, and bodyworker who works with traumatized individuals and trains mental health professionals to use mindful meditation in movement, theater exercises, writing, and voice as tools for attunement, healing and connection. In this episode, Licia explains why noise and noise expression can greatly help release trauma within the body and retrain the human brain how to feel, express, and be vulnerable in a safe way. Licia explains the kind of work she does and what it looks like to break free of childhood trauma through intentional body awareness.”

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