Let’s Get to Know Cape Cod Institute

The Cape Cod Institute (CCI), formed in 1980 by Gilbert Levin, Ph.D., is renowned worldwide for the high-quality and innovative CE courses and seminars it offers. CCI was the first organization in its field to offer interactive education and in-person learning with master teachers. They offer seminars to educators, mental health, behavioral, leadership, and management professionals, as well as members of other professions who apply behavior science in their practices.

The Institute’s intensive CE courses, on a broad spectrum of topics in leadership and psychology, ranging from trauma to mindfulness, from anxiety to diversity, are taught by thought leaders in these fields and are attended by practitioners from throughout the world.

In 2020, CCI was unfortunately closed due to the pandemic. MAK Continuing Education has restored the program with the support of former faculty, friends of the Institute, and the Nauset Regional School System.

The Celebration of a New Beginning

We’d like to celebrate this new beginning for the Cape Cod Institute, now under the leadership of Kathryn Rorke, LCSW. This summer, CCI is offering an amazing line-up of specialists delivering in-person and online seminars and workshops!

Kathryn received her Masters from NYU and has practiced in a variety of health and mental health settings in New York City including the department of education, assertive community treatment, outpatient and inpatient mental health clinics, private practice, and pediatric hospitals with kids, families, and adults. In addition to her clinical work, Kat has assumed leadership, supervision, program management and development roles.

Kat was the Program Director for the CCI from 2018-2019 until she left to continue her clinical work in schools and in private practice. Kat is grateful to be working alongside faculty and friends of the Institute to continue the learning community and the founder’s legacy for years to come.If you are ready for a trip to lovely Cape Cod, Massachusetts, here is the lineup of in-person trainings, most of which are also available online:

Richard Schwartz, PHD – August 9-13: Internal Family Systems Workshop
Molly Eldridge, LICSW – August 9-13: AEDP: Attachment in Action
Bessel van der Kolk, MD – August 16-20: Frontiers of Trauma Treatment
Deborah L. Plummer, PDH – August 16-20: Bridging and Bonding: Exploring Race in Clinical Community and Organizational Practice
Licia Sky, BFA – August 16-20: Embodied Awareness Workshop
Janina Fisher, PHD – August 23-27: Transforming Trauma-related Resistance and Stuckness

If you want to see a full line-up of what’s available, follow this link.

A Little History

The Cape Cod Institute came to be organically. Every year, leading mental health professionals would holiday on Cape Cod during August – to the point that there were jokes about the angst experienced by Manhattanites when their analysts left town.

Dr. Levin was vacationing there in 1980, and experienced unusually terrible weather that left him confined to his cottage. One of Dr. Levin’s colleagues had been developing a program in continuing education and loved talking to him about it. Being stuck inside due to the rain gave Gilbert some time to think. As he put it:

“I began to wonder what a continuing ed program on the Cape would look like. There were many questions to ponder: Were there really enough analysts on the Cape to support a program? Could they spare the time during vacation? Who else on the Cape might attend? Would it be possible to attract others to the Cape? How? Where would we hold it?”

“Answering those questions rescued me from cabin fever. There were many places to go, people to talk to, a program to design, and a hundred other considerations. By the time we left the Cape, many of my questions had been answered and I knew pretty much what the Cape Cod Institute could be. The rest, shall we say, is history.”

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