Neurofeedback for Agencies Serving the Underserved

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What if mental healthcare could be so much better?

The Neurofeedback Advocacy Project (the NAP) is excited to become an affiliate of the Trauma Research Foundation. The NAP is a nonprofit that operates throughout the United States. The NAP was started by Matt Fleischman, PhD, a psychologist with 35 years doing and teaching about neurofeedback. Our mission is to make neurofeedback accessible to those who need it by building capacity within our existing healthcare system, with a focus on agencies working with the underserved and those most vulnerable. We envision a day when neurofeedback is fully integrated into the mental health system and widely available to anyone who needs it.

 Our approach is simple: make it easy for agencies that serve the hard-to-serve to try neurofeedback and collect data. The results will speak for themselves.

What if you could get dramatically better results with all your clients, even the most difficult to engage?

We started the NAP because we were impressed how neurofeedback helped so many who weren’t doing well with current mental healthcare, frustrated at the slow pace of implementation of neurofeedback and dismayed that neurofeedback was mostly available in fee-for-service settings.

 You have probably heard of neurofeedback’s profound impact on resolving trauma. Bessel van der Kolk’s famous book The Body Keeps the Score speaks to the benefits of using neurofeedback with clients with significant trauma. We invite you to hear Dr. Fleischman speak at the TRF’s upcoming conference, the 33rd Annual Trauma Conference.

 What impact does neurofeedback have?

This is current data after 20 sessions from clients in the agencies participating in the NAP:

  • 38% reduction in severity of client’s concerns
  • 52% improvement in client’s coping with stress
  • 53% reduction in self-harm/suicidal ideation
  • 100% reduction in arrests and/or incarcerations
  • 76% reduction in disciplinary actions at school
  • 100% reduction in drug and alcohol relapses
  • 84% reduction in ER visits for psychiatric reasons
  • 100% reduction in hospitalizations for psychiatric reasons
  • 2% no-show/late cancellation rate

What if your staff found their work professionally rewarding and not exhausting or leaving them on the verge of burnout?

  • Therapists routinely report high satisfaction at the progress their clients make.
  • Therapists routinely report neurofeedback to be intellectually stimulating, emotionally satisfying and professionally rewarding.
  • Therapists also report doing neurofeedback is less taxing than conventional talk therapies.
  • Supervisors and program managers report that neurofeedback reduces staff burn-out and helps with staff retention.

What if your agency earned significantly higher revenue without changing how you staffed or how you bill for services?

Our HIPAA-compliant, online, easy-to-use evaluation tool, the Results Tracking System, provides member agencies with the ability to monitor progress at the client, therapist and agency levels. You can view real-time, real-world data on our website at You’ll see that not only are clients’ own concerns significantly addressed through neurofeedback, but you’ll also find a 67% reduction in disciplinary actions at school, 51% reduction in suicidal ideation/self-harm, and even a 100% reduction in drug and alcohol relapses amongst our members’ clients. Not to mention that no-show rates are drastically lower with neurofeedback clients, and many agencies have the opportunity to increase revenue through this and through billing for neurofeedback services.        

Who is eligible to be a partner of the Neurofeedback Advocacy Project?

  • The agency must serve a largely underserved or difficult-to-engage population or have at least 80% Medicaid-eligible clients.
  • There must be clear management support for participating in the NAP.
  • At least three clinicians and a licensed supervisor must commit to participating.

The NAP is excited to announce that our next introduction to neurofeedback training course for clinicians and supervisors will be held this June. The NAP offers generously subsidized training and implementation and evaluation support services to nonprofits, government agencies, and other public-serving organizations who serve underserved, difficult-to-engage, and traumatized populations. 

 What does being a partner of the NAP ensure for your agency?

  • Your staff is properly trained to safely implement neurofeedback
  • Training is minimally disruptive to your agency
  • Your staff remains skilled & skills advance with experience and on-going training
  • You have the tools to measure the effectiveness of the program
  • You have no big up-front cost and are not locked into any long-term commitment
  • You can easily expand or contract the program as it fits your needs
  • As we said earlier, our approach is simple: make it easy for agencies that serve the underserved  to try neurofeedback and collect data. The results will speak for themselves.

 Visit the NAP website:

Contact Info: [email protected]


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