SMARTmoves – Sensory Motor Arousal Regulation Treatment (COLLECTION)


We are excited to present Therapeutic Alliance member SMARTmoves to the TRF Tuesday stage! SMART stands for Sensory Motor Arousal Regulation Treatment, an innovative mental health therapy for children and adolescents who have experienced complex trauma to help them with emotional, behavioral, and interpersonal regulation.

Session 1
  • Introduction to SMART with Alexandra Cook PhD
  • Overview of SMART across the lifespan
  • Using the Regulation Map to read your energy (Experiential)

Session 2
  • Using your muscles to regulate: Proprioceptive input with Heather Finn LICSW
  • Overview of proprioceptive input
  • Experiential exercise

Sesssion 3
  • Power of touch: Tactile input with Anne Westcott, LICSW
  • Overview of Tactile Input
  • Experiential exercise

Session 4
  • Rock n roll: Vestibular input with Elizabeth Warner PsyD
  • Overview of Vestibular Input
  • Experiential exercise

Session 5
  • Finding the beat: Rhythm with Anne Westcott, LICSW
  • Overview of Rhythm as a sensory motor input
  • Experiential exercise

Session 6
  • Attachment building through co-regulation with Alexandra Cook PhD
  • Focus on the Attachment building thread of the SpiralVideo clip of co-regulation as a way of building attachment

Meet your Instructors:

Elizabeth Warner, Ed.M, Psy.D
Partner, Trainer & Consultant, SMARTmoves, SMART Developer, Private Practitioner, Boston, MA

Alexandra Cook, Ph.D.
Partner, Trainer and Consultant, SMART Developer; Private Practitioner, Boston, MA

Anne Westcott, M.S.W.
Partner, Trainer, and Consultant; SMART Developer, Senior Faculty Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute; Private Practitioner, Boston, MA

Heather Finn, LICSW
Partner, Trainer & Consultant, SMARTmoves, SMART Developer, Private Practitioner, Boston, MA

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