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Virtual Art Auction:  Mixed Media Artist, Kate Morgan, shares how expressive art has been a key therapeutic modality in her journey of trauma healing.

“As a survivor of childhood abuse, in 2011, I went to an art therapy group for women with PTSD at McLean Hospital in Bedford, MA.  Several art mediums were set in front of us and we were asked to express an emotion. I grabbed some pastels, and for the first time I expressed myself through art. It was and is the best medicine that I have found. I am an accidental artist just trying to get through life. The actuality that my art is valued and appreciated is a boon and something I am grateful for.

My work is self-therapeutic and expressionistic at its core. My work tells stories of my past, present, and what I hope for. It represents what I dream things should be and is an outlet for the emotional and spiritual themes I am working through. Faith in the Divine and the Unseen is a continual thread for all my inspiration. I am passionate about finding light in the darkness and I hope that peeks through in my art.”

When Morgan was invited to be a guest artist with The Creative Kind Group, a facebook auction group which donates 20% of their auction proceeds each month to a different qualifying organization, the Trauma Research Foundation was her choice as the designated recipient for December’s donation.

Kate shares, “In my route to recovery from multiple traumas, I have discovered that not one thing works, but many different things put into harmony in my life. The work of Bessel van der Kolk in The Body Keeps the Score has been one of the most significant additions to my mind and life. It was through Bessel’s chapters on childhood abuse that I first felt deep compassion for myself as he explained so well the effects of trauma on the body, mind, and soul. I’m heartened to give back to Dr. van der Kolk and the Trauma Research Foundation so others I have met through art can also benefit similarly to myself.” Morgan invites the TRF community to attend the auction on Facebook on December 13th-14th. As a guest artist to the auction, her work will be added to the site on December 1st. To learn how you can participate in the art auction, go to The Creative Kind Group.  20% of all sales for the month of December will be donated to TRF.  See more of Kate Morgan’s art here.

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